9 Steps to Successfully Launch Your Product

If you’re busy getting everything ready to launch your own startup you probably haven’t had the time to think things through and set a marketing plan for your pre-launch. It can be quite daunting, we know, but even though it’s not rocket science, it should definitely be part of your to do list before launching [...]

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Your customers are lying to you… (but here’s how to avoid it)

EVERYONE IS LYING TO YOU. Big statement? Well, yes. But, think about it. If you ask your customers if your business idea is good they will lie to you, at least a little (just like your mom did). Why? Because you’re totally missing the point and you’re asking the wrong questions. So, how can you talk [...]

You Got into the Lisbon Challenge accelerator. Now What?

Lisbon Challenge is a 10 week accelerator where founders will get to work hard, play hard and relax – the benefits of being in Lisboa.