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Lisbon Challenge: Meet These Top 4 Mentors

Lisbon Challenge is known for its wide network of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and corporates.

We have accelerated more than 180 startups over the past few years and we have a strong alumni community with some of the most successful startups in Europe such as Uniplaces, Moneytis, Unbabel, Infraspeak, or Attentive.

This network of key players and experts together with our community of alumni allows us to provide our startups with top mentors throughout the program.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Infraspeak moved to San Francisco right after Lisbon Challenge and got invested by 500 Startups, or that Unbabel joined Y Combinator and got invested by Google Ventures, or that Uniplaces grew into one of the best startups in Europe and nailed a Series A of 24 million.

Now, we’re getting ready for another edition and we have the first mentors to announce. These mentors will work closely with you during the program and guide you as you build your product and bring it to market.

Here are the 4 Lisbon Challenge mentors you should know:

Fred Oliveira – Ex-Techcrunch and now at 1776

Fred Oliveira is a full stack developer and UX designer, with over 15 years experience building products, and he was the very first employee at Techcrunch. Currently, he is the one responsible for Product and Engineering at 1776, a global incubator and seed fund. 1776 focuses on areas such as energy and sustainability, health, transportation, cities, and cybersecurity. As a part of the 1776 team, Fred oversees the company’s product offering and coordinates its engineering efforts.


Vijay Nadadur – CEO of and AI expert

Vijay Nadadur is the CEO of, which applies its proprietary NLP and AI, on textual data, to automate enterprise processes. He is an expert on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Vijay is also a mentor at Techstars and an alumnus of Techstars and Lisbon Challenge.


Adi Azaria – Founder of Sisense and Inside Sales Evangelist  

Adi Azaria is the co-founder of SiSense, an Israeli startup that raised over $94M and delivers business analytics software that covers the full scope of data analysis. He is also an inside sales evangelist and he often gives workshops on this topic around the world. See the interview we did with him last year called “Why You Need To Explain Your Product To Your Grandma Before Talking To Anyone Else” on the Beta-i’s blog, Rethink. Adi is also an investor.


Felipe Ávila da Costa  – Founder of Infraspeak

Felipe Ávila da Costa is the co-founder of Infraspeak, a 500 Startups and Lisbon Challenge alumni, that delivers an innovative and powerful web and mobile software to manage the overall maintenance of equipment and infrastructures. See here the interview we did with Felipe a couple of months ago on how they never lost a customer and how they had a 243% growth in 2016.

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