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Meet the 14 Promising Startups That Will Join Lisbon Challenge 2017

Lisbon Challenge is about to start. But, for the first time in its history, it will invest in the selected startups and that’s part of a whole different plan.

After a careful selection process, we have come to the difficult decision of selecting 14 startups to join our Bootcamp.

Meet the 14 selected startups!

Wine MNT – the for the wine industry, Wine MNT joins the two main players of the wine supply chain – producers and importers/distributers.

Reio – an integrated Employee Management System for companies to manage all employee related tools.

Exii –  an artificial intelligence platform that allows decision makers in companies to simulate their business or department performance into the future.

Valsys – machine learning driven web application that provides company valuation for business owners.

Nanny Network – a web platform that connects busy parents with the childcare they need quickly and easily.

Placeme – an online app that allows entrepreneurs to choose the location for their business by predicting sales potential and help manage it afterwards.

MonitorFish – Fish farming made easy using cognitive capabilities of artificial intelligence to ensure high quality and quantity of fish output.

City Check – a location-based game app that allows families to play contextual games and find awesome characters while visiting the world.

Excess Materials Exchange – a digital, secured marketplace where companies can exchange excess materials and products.

Luvotels – the for motels. Last minute, by-the-hour, discrete bookings of a room when passion can’t wait. Built on Ruby on Rails.

Paperplanex – a mobile app that upgrades frequent flyers to a first class airport journey, while providing data to airport operators and retailers.

Parkio – Connecting drivers with parking spaces, Parkio helps drivers to find parking and pay for parking on the go. – a SaaS application that automates price optimisation, helping retailers to have the right product in the right place with the best price.

Tiger Time – a simple and yet powerful time management app that uses the leading productivity systems to help busy people study better and work harder.

So, what exactly can these startups expect from the Bootcamp?

These 14 startups will be going through the first phase of the Lisbon Challenge program. We call it the Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp will be an intensive week taking place from the 4th until the 8th of September, where the teams will work on the initial steps of their business. All the startups will work on their business model canvas, on how to make financial projections, on how to define their go to market strategy, understand how to draft a competitive analysis, and be able to present their pitch decks.

After these 5 days of hard work, we will then choose which teams move on to the acceleration phase. During the acceleration, they’ll have the time to focus on validating their business, developing their product, and launching their startup from Lisbon to the world. At the end, up to 4 will receive an additional 50K funding and 6 months office space.

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