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612, 2016

LC Fall ’16 Demo Day and The Winner of the Caixa Capital Convertible Note

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Nearly 3 months after we kicked off the 7th edition of the Lisbon Challenge, demo day has arrived. Less of an external celebration and fanfare, it is [...]

2710, 2016

Importance of Setting Bold Goals

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No successful plan can exist without understanding the process of creating goals and seeing them through and because this is such a recurrent theme, we have to start at the beginning in order to understand the fundamentals.

1409, 2016

We Welcome The Lisbon Challenge Fall’16 Cohort

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Having gone through the selection phase for the Lisbon Challenge Fall '16 Edition, we are ready to announce and welcome the 12 start-ups that will be joining [...]

609, 2016

Don’t Go on Blind Dates With Potential Co-founders

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We are often asked why we don't accept solo founders into the Lisbon Challenge acceleration program. Well, we actually do but it is very rare and there [...]

1907, 2016

How We Evaluate Lisbon Challenge Applications

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Many founders have asked us how we evaluate the start-ups, so we decided to introduce the people involved whilst shedding some light on the process.