Meet the 14 Promising Startups That Will Join Lisbon Challenge 2017

Lisbon Challenge is about to start. But, for the first time in its history, it will invest in the selected startups and that’s part of a whole different plan. After a careful selection process, we have come to the difficult decision of selecting 14 startups to join our Bootcamp. Meet the 14 selected startups! Wine [...]

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Beta-i Nominated for Best European Accelerator by Techcrunch

Beta-i, together with 4 other Portuguese startups, was nominated for best European accelerator at The Europas, the European awards which highlight the best startups in Europe, in partnership with Techcrunch. Portuguese Startups & Accelerator We couldn’t have felt more proud for being part of this list, along with some amazing Portuguese born startups such as [...]

Applications for Lisbon Challenge Fall’16 are now open

Would you like to meet Elon Musk, Stewart Butterfield or Marc Andreessen in Lisbon this year? Yes? Well, this could really happen since the Web Summit will be in Lisbon this year... We know that building a startup takes focus, commitment and hard-work. But, it's also about talking to people and creating relationships. From customers [...]

Lisbon Challenge Alumni, Impraise, Raises 1.6 million

Impraise, the Lisbon Challenge alumni, who is also backed by Y Combinator, has raised 1.6 million dollars to abolish the annual performance review within companies, and replace it with their web and mobile app for timely and actionable feedback between co-workers. During the last few years, the annual performance review has seen its decline within [...]

Introducing the Lisbon Challenge Core Mentors

There’s no doubt a Mentor can have a crucial role on a Startup’s way to success. Within the strong Lisbon Challenge network, there are three Core Mentors that will help and guide every single team from day one to the final pitch, covering these main areas: growth, product, tech and investment. “It's tempting to be focusing only [...]

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Meet the Startups of Lisbon Challenge Spring’16

Once again, from the four corners of the world hundreds of Lisbon Challenge applications arrived at our HQ in Lisbon. For days in a row, some of the most influential entrepreneurs, investors and mentors around were kept in a closed room, while carefully analysing each startup to see who would get the Golden Ticket for this Spring's [...]

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Lx Scala: the 1st International Scala Conference in Lisbon

A couple of months ago we got an email from Sandra Wolf from Codacy about this international Scala meetup they wanted to organise. However, what started off as a meetup turned out to be a ‘slightly’ bigger event... Codacy, together with 47 Degrees, is now organising, instead, the first international Scala conference in Southern Europe [...]

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Startup Simplex: Keeping it Simple and Fighting Bureaucracy

  Bureaucracy is just one of those words everyone hates, especially when it comes to the public sector... How many times have you actually taken the day to dive into bureaucratic paperwork and found yourself screaming in the waiting room because you can’t keep up with the complexity of things? Pretty much like Kendrick Lamar [...]

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Money 20/20 is having a fintech meetup in Lisbon

For all those in fintech, Money 20/20 probably rings a bell. This is the world’s largest fintech conference, held in Las Vegas, every year. However, for 2016, they’ll organise a second conference in Europe, in Copenhagen, this April.   For this reason, Money 20/20 has been gathering key players in the fintech industry across many [...]

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Design Thinking Workshop in Lisbon with Apple’s Designer (from Stanford University)

"Design may have its greatest impact when it's taken out of the hands of designers and put in the hands of everyone." Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘design’? We bet it has something to do with aesthetics and fashion trends [...]

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