Continuous analysis of competition should be in every startup’s DNA

Hosting early-stage startups in such demanding week brought to us several learnings. One of the things we noticed was that several of them didn’t yet have a clearly defined competitive advantage, which wasn’t challenging them enough to think about how powerful their value proposition was. A proper competitive analysis can help understand who are your competitors, which strategies they [...]

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Lisbon Challenge 2017: Meet the Promising Startups That Will Join the Acceleration Stage

The Lisbon Challenge has just concluded the first stage of the program, the dreaded Bootcamp. After a careful selection process, we finally made the difficult decision of selecting 9 startups to join our accelerator and to receive initial investment. Meet the 9 selected startups City Check – a location-based game app that allows families to play contextual games and [...]

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From Philip Morris to Starting His Own Startup – Meet the New Program Manager of Lisbon Challenge

His story will literally knock your socks off and you’re about to know why. It’s time for you to meet Gualberto Pastor, the new Program Manager of Lisbon Challenge. One of the very few memories Gualberto has from his childhood is having a crib in his father’s office and walking around the factory that his grandmother [...]

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Lisbon Challenge: Meet These Top 4 Mentors

Lisbon Challenge is known for its wide network of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and corporates. We have accelerated more than 180 startups over the past few years and we have a strong alumni community with some of the most successful startups in Europe such as Uniplaces, Moneytis, Unbabel, Infraspeak, or Attentive. This network of key [...]

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7 Tips for Getting Into Lisbon Challenge (or any other accelerator)

Alright, we all know how difficult it is to get into a top accelerator. You apply with your startup, you wait for the reply and then when the time comes, it’s either the cheer look on your face or the disappointment settling in. And filling in the application plays a major role in this. So, [...]

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Infraspeak on How They Never, Ever, Lost a Customer

This interview was originally published on Re-think by Beta-i. Almost all the talented entrepreneurs we meet at Beta-i put their customers first and above all things. Felipe Ávila da Costa, the founder of Infraspeak, a startup from Porto that has been through Lisbon Challenge and at the Lisbon Investment Summit, is one of them. However, what Infraspeak has achieved [...]

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This Portuguese Startup Will Prevent the Next Terrorist Attack. Here’s How.

This interview was originally published on Re-think by Beta-i.  When I was a kid I believed I had some sort of super power. I would tell myself that my brain had been genetically modified and as a result I could make things move with my mind. The TV was my favourite. I would stare at [...]

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Lisbon Challenge Will Give You 10k to Launch in 10 Weeks

Sounds catchy right? Well, that’s because it is. Lisbon Challenge is funding 10 thousand euros per startup, to develop and launch their product in 10 weeks. It’s that simple. You don’t even have to have an MVP yet. Nope, we’re not looking for traction, proof of concept, or first sales. We just want exceptional teams with [...]

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LC Fall ’16 Demo Day and The Winner of the Caixa Capital Convertible Note

Nearly 3 months after we kicked off the 7th edition of the Lisbon Challenge, demo day has arrived. Less of an external celebration and fanfare, it is an important invite-only day for the 12 start-ups that have worked hard throughout the program. They pitched for 3 minutes in front of 25 investors and then followed [...]

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