26 08, 2015
  • Lisbon Challenge startups

Meet the 20 startups of Lisbon Challenge Fall’15

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From almost 400 applications and a long selection process, it all comes down to this moment. Who will be joining us for Lisbon Challenge Fall’15? From planting trees to flying drones, meet here the 20 startups.
25 08, 2015
  • TheBlueHouse

VIP perks exclusive for Beta-i startup community – TODAY ONLY

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Our friends at The Blue House are opening a unique place in a surf town in Morocco. Their core belief: Great ideas don’t come in a board room. They offer retreats, private events and 10-days work sessions where Ricardo Marvão, co-founder of Beta-i, is mentoring.

For regular people, bookings start tomorrow on Indiegogo, but for Beta-i startup community, it starts now, […]

24 08, 2015
  • Portugal's startup scene

Portugal’s startup scene featured on Forbes

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Forbes, has highlighted some of the best startups in Portugal, and has featured Lisbon Challenge as one of the most active accelerators in Europe. Find out all about it here.
10 08, 2015
  • movies

5 movies every entrepreneur should watch

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We all need inspiration every once in a while. Apart from working all the time in your product, business model and idea you sometimes get a spare time to catch up on trending articles, check out a few talks and watch a movie. But because entrepreneurs are known to be super passionate about what they […]

8 08, 2015
  • jump

The Debt that (almost) all startups pay

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Wazza, our Lisbon Challenge alumni, decided it was time to shut down after almost 2 years. João Vasques, one of its co-founders, writes about what went wrong and what he will do differently next time. This post was originally published on Medium. 

Life is made of chapters and “everything that has a beginning has an end”. […]

7 08, 2015
  • Startups that fail

Your startup is failing and here’s why

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All entrepreneurs fail at some point but that shouldn't keep you from building a startup. Read here the most common mistakes startups do and learn from it.
6 08, 2015
  • Lisbon Challenge Selection Process

Lisbon Challenge: How Does the Selection Process Work?

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From 400 applications we get down to 22-25 startups in Lisbon. How is that possible? Read all about the Lisbon Challenge selection process here.
5 08, 2015
  • Lisbon's startup scene

The Essential Guide to the Lisbon Startup Scene

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The Lisbon Startup Scene is booming and you shouldn't miss it. Find out all there is to know about one of Europe's startup hubs.
3 08, 2015
  • Growth Hacking for startups in Lisbon

9 Lessons Learned on Growth Hacking

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Nothing sells itself. You need to think outside the box to boost your growth and make your product go viral. Here’s what we’ve learned on Growth Hacking.
1 08, 2015
  • Portuguese startup Clickly

How Clickly closed a deal with Shopify US

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Our Lisbon Challenge alumni, Clickly, is closing major deals in the US. Get all the tips and find out how they did it.
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