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Program Director of the Lisbon Challenge at Beta-i, author and mentor. I am also an entrepreneur passionate about customer centric strategies - fancy a drink at Silk Club? These are MY views and not my parents' fault.

LC Fall ’16 Demo Day and The Winner of the Caixa Capital Convertible Note

Nearly 3 months after we kicked off the 7th edition of the Lisbon Challenge, demo day has arrived. Less of an external celebration and fanfare, it is an important invite-only day for the 12 start-ups that have worked hard throughout the program. They pitched for 3 minutes in front of 25 investors and then followed [...]

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We Welcome The Lisbon Challenge Fall’16 Cohort

Having gone through the selection phase for the Lisbon Challenge Fall '16 Edition, we are ready to announce and welcome the 12 start-ups that will be joining us on Monday for 3 months. Not only are we excited about this cohort, as the quality of founders increases with every edition, but we are also rolling out [...]

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Don’t Go on Blind Dates With Potential Co-founders

We are often asked why we don't accept solo founders into the Lisbon Challenge acceleration program. Well, we actually do but it is very rare and there is a reason for that. Ultimately, you shouldn't be rushing to get a co-founder just because someone tells you to. That's stupid. Co-founder relationships are amongst the most [...]

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Culture First, Customers Second – Culture Done Right

It’s a process in constant evolution and not something you revisit yearly. It’s not a strategy, tool or marketing gimmick. It’s central to your existence.

How Culture Can Define The Success Of Your Startup

Presentation deck for the Lisbon Challenge Accelerator series on the importance of defining your startup's culture from day one.

You Got into the Lisbon Challenge accelerator. Now What?

Lisbon Challenge is a 10 week accelerator where founders will get to work hard, play hard and relax – the benefits of being in Lisboa.

Web Summit’s Ultimate Guide to Lisbon’s Startup Scene

If Portugal(’s fame) in the last decades was still deeply attached to a past generation of explorers and remarkable sailing ventures, the last few years put Portugal and Lisbon again under the spotlight due to a rising community of adventurers and creators who have built a strong startup scene. Crowned “European Capital of Entrepreneurship of [...]

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