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Challenge your assumptions. Grow as an individual. Build your vision and the team behind it.

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What is Lisbon Challenge?

What we do

We believe that the path to success is a consequence of the foundations you set and the vision you build through the daily work you put in.

Lisbon Challenge is the acceleration program focused on the people behind the startup, designed to hone your skills and prepare you to face the challenges ahead.

Heading in the right direction from the beginning will set you apart from your competition.

“I think it has been the best-organized accelerator process that we’ve been to, compared to BGI and even to TechStars. I’m not sure how Beta-i did it.”

Federico Cismondi, DoDoc


Why you should apply

People Centric Approach

Having a startup is probably the toughest business there is. You’ll be constantly challenging your own assumptions, facing inconvenient truths and constant “no’s”. Our methodology is focused not only on growing your business but also in preparing you to transform difficulties into learnings and to see problems as opportunities.

Mentorship-driven Program

Get feedback and inspiration from the people that already did it. Learn with their successes, avoid their mistakes and take advantage of their established network.

Most developed Innovation Methodologies

A better understanding of the problem you’re solving and the solution you’re building will bring you closer to product market fit.

Fair Investment Opportunity

Lisbon Challenge investment partners offer 70k for 7% of equity. The investment is done in two tranches: 15k for 2% to all startups joining the program, and 55k for 5% after the program for the startups that “rise up to the challenge”.

Investment Networking

Each program leads to an Investment Day where you get to show your growth and build relationships with potential future investors.

Alumni Program

Once you join Beta-i it only gets better. Our Alumni Program is the right partner for your startup and for life.

Beta-i Innovation Ecosystem

Beta-i is focusing on developing a strong ecosystem where entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, investors, institutions, and governments are working hand-in-hand. Our alumni are an important part of our family and constantly encouraged to be part of it.

Fast Track to Corporate Pilot Programs

Beta-i organizes 10+ Corporate Programs per year – our startups are in the front line to apply to those programs. From Protechting, to SIBSPayForward or Free Electrons.

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We believe that the secret in choosing the right startups to support derives from picking the right team.
That’s why we’ll always be looking for entrepreneurs that share and embody these values.



Challenge yourself with diverse ideas and backgrounds, taking all different points of view to make a difference.


Be transparent with yourself and others. It denotes openness, communication, and accountability and it’s a key ingredient for self-improvement.

Egoless confidence

Believe in yourself. Stay curious with a relentless interest in self-improvement. Tame your ego when confronted with contrasting reliable information.

Social consciousness

Stop for a second, think what impact your actions have on society, and how you can optimize this and act upon it.

Learn more in what we believe in

more on values


Do you fit?

Entrepreneurs with experience or considerable knowledge in the sector

Tech software oriented

Market interest validation through identified or potential customers

Global market potential

Working MVP

2-4 founders with at least one technical founder

How it Works

For 10 weeks, up to 15 startups will be joining us in Lisbon, one of the most vibrant startup ecosystems. Alongside founders from all parts of the world and with the support of our pool of amazing mentors, we will push your ideas forward and challenge you to be in perfect shape by Investment Day, when you share your journey with investors.


Applications Start: Now
Applications End: 3 Feb 2019
Batch Announcement: 1 Mar 2019
Program Start: 8 Apr 2019
Program End: 14 Jun 2019


What do you know and see that no one else does?

P.S. “Never ASSUME, because you’ll make an ASS of U… and ME.” Jerry Belson

Product and Tech

How is your project solving the given problem better than any other out there? Do you need help to define a roadmap for product market fit? Let’s dive deeper into your solution and the technology behind it.


What metrics matter to your startup? How should you talk to customers and make sure they won’t leave after trying your product? (retention)


How should you get investors to listen to you? Learn what to say and not to say. Let’s make sure you are prepared to get the investments you want.

The program finishes with Investment Day pitching to investors.


You are building a company, how do you run it? Spoiler:  more on business skills in the alumni academy, how do you hire, build a culture and manage your growing team?

Portfolio Management

(6 months after the Program)

  • Investment
  • Incubation
  • Free office space
  • Additional Mentorship
  • Product Optimization
  • Growing Initial Paying Customers

“Attending the Lisbon Challenge gave us the opportunity to review our strategy and explore new ideas. Today, in addition to having a better product, we feel more prepared for the market. Thanks so much for all the learning, mentoring and the chance to meet so many amazing people!”

Vânia Beatriz Marques, Predict Churn

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LC Spring ’18 . Alumni

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Predict Churn

Predict Churn analytics platform anticipates the possibility of cancellation of a subscription service.

The Problem being solved
Saas companies spend a lot of money to acquire new customers so they don’t want to lose them.

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Honest helps online merchants to deliver great personal shopping experiences.

The Problem being solved
Digital e-commerce connected shoppers and products but it left salespeople behind.

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Triad Health AI

Triad Health AI is a smart speaker platform that helps people with Parkinson’s to stay fit and independent using exercises that combine movement, voice, and cognition.

The Problem being solved
The proven way to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s is by frequent exercising. Keep exercising on a regular basis is the key.


Shareacar is a peer to peer car sharing platform.

The Problem being solved
For car owners – owning a car is a large bill, several associated costs (insurance, maintenance… Cars are parked 90% of the time.

For travelers – Bad experiences with traditional car rental. Hidden fees, never-ending lines, price fluctuations.


Scubic creates smart software solutions for water utilities.

The Problem being solved
Water utilities have large energy costs for transporting water from the source to the final consumer.


Wall-i helps marketing managers to launch cheaper digital out-of-home advertising campaigns to segmented audiences with metrics to measure ROI.

The Problem being solved
Digital agencies advertise on out of home platforms that don’t provide any metrics nor segmentation and are expensive.



learn from people who have done it, are still doing it and are at the top of their game


connecting, learning and sharing with peers.

City Check

Investors, open innovation pilot projects, corporates etc.


Help startups define roadmap for product market fit

Success Stories

Impraise: Fundamentally changing open communication and trust within teams.

“We had no idea how to start a company, how to build a product or anything like that. The summer was over in Germany, so we thought: let’s go to Lisbon. Let’s just do this.”

Steffen Maier, Bas Kohnke, Arnaud Camus, Filipe Dobreira

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Edition of Lisbon Challenge:

The essence of what they do:
Impraise is The People Enablement Platform and their belief is: grow your people, grow your business. Impraise allows your teams to be in the driver’s seat of their own performance and development by facilitating the exchange of feedback, creating alignment on goals, and supporting lightweight check-ins.

Currently, they have 170 clients, from small tech companies to large enterprises, including Bynder and Bugaboo, using the tool.


Access to a network of mentors who will – more than share their insights and expertise – challenge your assumptions and inspire you.

Jaime Jorge

Co-founder and CEO @ Codacy

Nuno Pimenta

Industry Head – Start-Ups, Retail & Travel @ Google

Andrew Hughes

Co-Founder of multiple companies, Angel Investor

João Montenegro

Founder & Product Design @ Code for All & Academia de Código

Luis Calado de Sousa

Technical Evangelist / Startup Lead @ Microsoft

Miguel Santo Amaro

Co-founder @ Uniplaces

Vasco Pedro

Co-Founder & CEO @ Unbabel

Marcelo Lebre

VP of Engineering @ Unbabel

Daniel Araújo

Co-founder & CEO @ Attentive

Vijaykant Nadadur

Co-Founder & CEO @ Stride.ai

Adam de Sola Pool

Alexander Griekspoor

Founder @ Agenda & nucleobytes

André Albuquerque

Product Guru

Felix Petersen

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, VP @ Atlantic Labs

Ani Gupta

Digital Product Strategist

Bashara Hinnawi

Caio Vaz

Expansion Manager @ RD station

Cristina Fonseca

Co-founder @ Talkdesk, Venture Partner @ Indico Ventures

Daria Vodopianova

Branding strategist, TEDx Speaker

David Carvalhão

Chief Experience Officer @ Vigil365

Eiso Kant

CEO & Co-Founder @ source{d}

Elsa Ferreira

Lean-Agile Coach @ Farfetch

Emily Ávila

Felipe Ávila da Costa

Co-Founder & CEO @ Infraspeak

Filipe R. Portela

Head of Business Development @ Seedrs

Gonçalo Borrêga

Head of Product @ Outsystems

Greg Sherwin

Senior Principal Engineer @ Farfetch

Helen Saag

Head of Player Experience @ Miniclip

Hass Chapman

CTO @ Uniplaces

Iqbal Syed

VP Product Line Management @ ConvergentSoft

Ivo Gomes

Senior UX Designer @ Talkdesk

Jacqeline Holmes

Principal Investor @ Midori Management

Jeremy Redburn

Co-Founder, VP Product @ Salsify

John Niland

Director @ VCO Global

Jorge Reto

Head of Google Cloud @ Google

Jorim Holtey-Weber

Life Coach

Luis Pereira

Product Lead @ Landing.jobs

Luis Trindade

Principal Product Owner @ Farfetch

Márcio Spínola

VP Of Product Management @ Outsystems

Miguel Arroja

Account Executive @ Salesforce

Orson Stadler

Principal @ Mustard Seed Impact

Paulo Dimas

VP of Product Innovation @ Unbabel

Paulo Fonseca

Founder & Designer @ laux

Pedro Bandeira

Founder & CEO @ REDangels

Pedro Falcão

Managing Partner @ LC Ventures

Pierre Gein

Randy Barning

Data Scientist

Rita Romão

Partner @ AKA Group

Rog How

Founder & Brand Consultant @ Polleni

Rossana Palacios

Business Development @ Funderbeam

Rui Falcão

Co-founder and Angel Investor @ REDangels

Sara Kalick

VP & General Manager @ SYPartners

Sean Tierney

Director of Sales @ Pagely®

Sebastien Nunez

Transformational Speaker & Coach

Pedro Almeida

VP of Strategy and Monetization @ Aptoide

Vasco Pedro

CEO & Co-Founder @ Unbabel

“Being surrounded by other startups helped push us to work hard, to learn how to build a business and allowed us to benefit from the vast community in Lisbon.”

Steffen Maier, Impraise


Investment Partners

Acceleration Partners


Eduardo Sette Camara

Lisbon Challenge Program Director

Lucie Hajkova

Lisbon Challenge Program Manager

Gualberto Pastor

Network Evangelist

Pedro Falcão

Managing Partner / LC Ventures

Pedro Rocha Vieira

Cofounder, CEO @ Beta-i

Manuel Tânger

Cofounder, Head of Open Innovation @ Beta-i

Ricardo Marvão

Cofounder, Head of Education @ Beta-i