10k for 1,5% equity to build and launch in 10 weeks

9th April to 15th June 2018


Lisbon Challenge is an accelerator based in Lisbon that funds 10K for 1.5% equity, to help startups build and launch their product in 10 weeks.

How we help Startups


We offer a pre-seed funding of 10k for 1.5% equity.


We bring on experience entrepreneurs and market experts to mentor start-ups.


We give you the structure you need to grow a solid founding team.


We focus on validation and finding your minimum viable customer segment.

Product-Market FIT

We help you define your roadmap for product market fit.

What we look for




Industry 4.0

Cyber Security

Health & Well-Being



Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

Big Data


Europe based

1 Business & 1 Tech Founder

Startup Experience


Applications open until February 4, 2018.




Until 4th February



9th April – 20th April

Problem Validation: Ensure the market sense it as a real problem and that people are willing to pay for it.
Customer Development: Finding the minimum viable customer segment.

Concept: “One Founder a Day”
Daily talks with experienced founders that will share their experiences and examples



23th April – 4th May

Product Development: Going deep into the potential of your technology.

Concept: “One CTO a Day”
Daily talks with kick-ass CTO’s that will share their challenges and advice you on your product.



7th May – onwards

Go to market strategy
Marketing strategies

Concept: Business Development
Access our global network and find the right partners or first costumers.



28th May – 15th June

Investment Fundamentals

Concept: Investors Dating
Lisbon Challenge Investors Day at LIS’18: up to 4 startups will be invested by LC Ventures
50k for 5.5% equity



June – December 2018

After the program, we’ll continue to support the teams and teach them how to become independent.
Preselection for Beta-i Corporate Pilot Programs.
Free workspace.



  • Investor’s Day was full of surprises

    After 10 weeks of intensive work and mentorship, the eight startups from Lisbon Challenge found out which ones were getting an investment, but there were no winners or losers, because even the ones who weren’t invested have already closed their first pilots and are ready to make their baby startups grow.

    It is not typical for an Investor’s day to be at a brewery but it turned out to be the perfect scenario. They walked to the stage full of confidence and nerves, we could feel their dry mouths while they were pitching and if we could guess their heart rates were racing like crazy. The smile of relief each one of them had while leaving the stage, after asking several questions from investors, was priceless.

    They did what they were mentored to do and all of them delivered flawless pitches and made everybody proud. It was good to see that those eight teams became friends, kind of a family and that what an acceleration program is also about.

    Yesterday Luvotels, Sparkl and Placeme found out they were being invested. Luvotels got 50k, Sparkl also got 50k and Placeme got 75k, a surprise to all but mainly to those who got it. The ones who weren’t invested are going to continue to work hard towards their goal and we know they are going far.

    Today the office is quieter and emptier than it used to be and we all already miss them. The good thing is there will always be another Lisbon Challenge.

    Follow the footsteps of these startups and get 10K in 10 weeks.

    Lisbon Challenge

    Apply to Lisbon Challenge.

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  • Joint effort between Lisbon Challenge and IEUA is a win-win

    It was 7 a.m. last Tuesday when the eight startups from Lisbon Challenge took the train to Aveiro. Waiting for them they had Adriana Costa, Director of IEUA – Incubadora de Empresas da Universidade de Aveiro, and Cândida Cardoso, Manager of Incubation Services, who drove them around the main touristic sights of the city.

    Adriana Costa showing the Creative Science Park to the Startups.

    Today more than ever all partnerships are important and the one between Lisbon Challenge and IEUA has just now begin to grow. The truth is: the ecosystem involves the whole country, it does not start or end in Lisbon and working together with other accelerators can benefit both parties because there’s an exchange of knowledge that is crucial both to startups and accelerators.

    One of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Creative Science Park which will be inaugurated on 2018 and where some of the startups will have the privilege to work and grow as well as be close to companies such as Bosch, Nestlé or Altice and, at the same time, close to the university.

    The startups pitched to investors from Red Angels, Best Horizon and LC Ventures – all of them are going to be on Investor’s Day on December 6 – to practice for the big day, get some feedback and to start growing on the investors.

    Parkio and Monitor Fish with our investor Pedro Falcão.

    There was still time to meet PET Universal, a software for vets and IEUA alumni as well as 3D printer labs from BEEVERYCREATIVE, also an alumni. And, of course, a trip to Aveiro would not be complete without some “ovos moles” and other typical sweets.

    Now it is time to prepare for the most important pitch of their lives, wait for the grand opening of the Creative Science Park, pack their bags and grow their business in Aveiro.

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  • Google mentors show Lisbon Challenge’s startups how to succeed on Digital Strategy

    It is not every day that you get the chance to have two Google mentors giving your startup insights on digital strategy, and when you have them for two intensive days, that it is even better!

    That is exactly what the eight startups from the 8th edition of the Lisbon Challenge got. For an intensive two days, José Ramón Saura, a CTO focused on digital marketing and Maria Isla who works at Hackity (read her piece on that day here) and focus on digital strategy flew from Spain to help startups to market their business.

    Eight weeks into the challenge, the Startups are getting ready for Investor’s Day on December 6. Both José and Maria found startups “willing to listen and to learn and eager to grow their business”.

    The mentors taught the startups how to identify their target, their interests in order to create a digital strategy and achieve their goals. There is an explicit need of knowing where and why a startup wants to go that will save them time and money. For two days all eight startups forgot about the hard work it is to launch a startup or a product and focused on a marketing and communication plan because the truth is: even a CEO reads the news.

    José said he was impressed by these early-stage startups due to their “interesting projects, shifting through different technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning”, and by how they all are “talented and gifted”.

    What impressed Maria the most on Lisbon Challenge comparing to other acceleration programs is the fact that this one gathers “people from different countries”, which in Maria’s opinion is the secret to learn and grow because “if you want to go global you have to know other markets, create connections, share knowledge, work with different people” and more than ever this is important in the startup world. Lesson’s learned and now fingers crossed that they will all thrive.

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“I think it has been the best organised accelerator process that we’ve been to, compared to BGI and even to Techstars. I’m not sure how Beta-i did it.”

Federico Cismondi, DoDoc


Celso Martinho

Founder & CEO Bright Pixel

Cristina Fonseca

Tech Entrepreneur. Co-Founder. Engineer. AI Enthusiast.

Daniel Araújo

Co-founder & CEO Attentive

Luis Calado de Sousa

Technical Evangelist / Startup Lead

Miguel Santo Amaro

Co-founder Uniplaces

Nuno Pimenta

Industry Head – Start Ups, Retail & Travel

Vasco Pedro

Co-Founder & CEO Unbabel

Vijaykant Nadadur

Co-Founder & CEO Stride.ai


Eduardo Settecamara

Lisbon Challenge Program Director

Lucie Hajkova

Lisbon Challenge Program Manager

Gualberto Pastor

Network Evangelist

An entrepreneur at heart, with professional experience in both the corporate – Philipe Moris International – and startup worlds, having gone through StartupBootcamp Program.

Pedro Falcão

Managing Partner / LC Ventures

LC Ventures manages the first global hands-on, accelerator investment vehicle based in Portugal. The portfolio is comprised of innovative tech startups from Europe, North and Latin America.

Pedro Rocha Vieira

Co-Founder & CEO Beta-i

Pedro is co-founder, President and CEO of Beta-i – an organization dedicated at helping startups succeed and boosting entrepreneurial ecosystems based in Lisbon.

Manuel Tânger

Co-Founder & Chief Open Innovation Officer Beta-i

Co-Founder and Head of Innovation of Beta-i, Manuel is a physicist with an Msc in Technological Physics from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon.

Ricardo Marvão

Co-Founder & Chief Education Officer Beta-i

Ricardo worked several years for the European Space Agency in Earth Observation & Scientific missions in Germany and later for Inmarsat in London, a major satellite telecommunications company, besides working in Boston with MIT-Portugal.

“Being surrounded by other startups helped push us to work hard, to learn how to build a business and allowed us to benefit from the vast community in Lisbon.”

Steffen Maier, Impraise

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